Sunday, 12 May 2013

How to check if a drug is available in Singapore?

  1. Go to this link :
    CHeck Drugs
    Search if a drug is available in Singapore
  3. Type in the drug ingredient in the highlighted red area and click search
  4. Example here, prucalopride is searched

CHeck Drugs
Example, enter the generic name of drug as prucaloride. Leave other areas blank.

4. If the drug is registered in Singapore, a link is found. Click on the underlined link under license no. for more information for this drug. 

Check Drug

5. If  "No record found", you may have entered the drug name in correctly, try Google search the correct generic name and re enter into the search box. If the drug name is correct, it may mean that the drug is not registered in Singapore. However, certain hospitals do order drugs specially for patients even if the drugs are not registered in Singapore. Contact specific hospitals for details. Note that the decision to bring in the drugs are subject to Health Science Authority( HSA) approval. It may take up to one month to import certain drugs.

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