Saturday, 4 May 2013

How to wait less at the pharmacy

1.    Read the prescription to make sure it is in your name. (You may have picked up the wrong prescription from the doctor)

2.    Check if it is a POM, PO or GSL items. For GSL, items can just collect directly from the retail shelf and skip the queue

3.    Fax in the prescription to the hospital pharmacies so that the medicine can be packed in advance. Inform the staff by call when you will come to collect the medicine.

4.    Different pharmacies will pack the medicine and keep it for a few days before unpacking it. After about 3 days (depending on institutions) the medicine will be unpacked. Do come before the medicine is unpacked (usually 3 days)

5.    Home delivery (HD) service is usually available for a fee. It may be waived if the total price is over a certain amount (For example: >300 dollars etc). Check with individual institutions

6.    You can fax in the prescription and request HD. Essentially there is no need to come to the pharmacy

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