Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Repeat prescriptions

What does it mean if your prescription is a  "three-time" repeat prescription for 1 tube of Elomet cream ?

Prescription looks like this

Elomet cream  Apply to affected area daily  1 tube  x3

Basically it means that every time the pharmacist in Singapore can give you 1 tube of the cream only. You need to come to the pharmacy 4 times to get the 4 tubes you are entitled too. For each collection of the medicine, there needs to space apart at least 3 days.

So if you want to be able to collect all 4 tubes at once, please tell the doctor to write:

Elomet cream  Apply to affected area daily  4 tubes

Do not write as a repeat prescription  but write it as the full supply. If you do not want to collect all the 4 tubes at once, just inform your pharmacist that you want to collect 1 tube. The original prescription will be returned to you and you can collect the rest of the tubes whenever you like.

How about repeat of duration ?

For example:

PO Amlodipine 10 mg om 1/ 12  ( x 3)

This means your can collect a total 4 months of amlodipine tablet. But each time the maximum supply is for one month. Thus you will need to visit the pharmacy four times and each time the maximum amount you will receive is 1 month of medicine.

Therefore, to save the hassle, just ask the doctor to write

PO Amlodipine 10 mg 4/12

Since the repeat prescription places resctriction on the amount and when you can collect the medication, it is best just to indicate the full supply and avoid  writing in the "repeat" style.
However, doctors may insist on writing "repeat" prescription for medicines such as steroid cream etc, , medicines that should not be overusd within a certain period. The doctors may want you to consult him again soon for monitoring of liver function, kidney functionss. Thus they may intend to placie restrictions on how you fill a prescription

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