Monday, 13 May 2013

The fair price of drugs

How much should a drug cost? How much should the price of the same medicine vary across government hospitals, polyclinics, community pharmacies such as Guardian, Watson, Unity ?

As far as we know, the price of certain medicine can vary significantly . For exactly the same drug, if you buy at retail community pharmacies, you may have to pay for 3 to 4 dollars for exactly the same medicine.
Just check out the price of Zyrtec syrup at government hospitals' pharmacies versus that of a community pharmacy. 

As patients we believe in helping other patients to find the cheapest price possible for a medicine by sharing of information. Thus, we want to create a platform to keep other consumers up-to-date regarding the price of a particular drug. 

Please post the drug name, unit price of the drug ( e.g. ,$0.4 per tablet or per ml) , the date of purchase and where you buy it from in the comment area. If possible, share a photo of the receipt. 

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