Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The supply duration of medicine in the prescription

After spending half a day to see the doctor, the other challenge is to get your medicine.
Ever in this situation:

You got your new prescription from the Dr. You hurried to the in-hospital pharmacy and waited patiently for at least 30 minutes, staring at the queue number screen, hoping that your number will be called next.

At last, the long awaited moment arrives, when the pharmacist calls you to his counter.

Horror of all horrors, you are only given 1 tablets of the medicine you require most...You ask
"Why? Why? Why?"...

The pharmacist points points points to the duration of the mentioned drug "1 day"


Basically the prescription was like this

PO frusemide 40 mg prn om 3 months
PO simvastatin 10 mg on 3 months
PO atenolol 10 mg om 1 day


So the dear pharmacist can only supply 1 tablet of atenolol for you since the prescription says you only take 1 tablet in the morning for 1 day. You are shocked, horrified and feel betrayed as you do need 3 months of this atenolol blood pressure medication as the next appointment is in 3 months time.

In short, check your prescription before walking out of the doctor's clinic and make sure the duration entered is correct.

The end of the story goes like this :

The pharmacist offered to call the doctor to clarify why only 1 day of atenolol was given and the patient would not have enough medicine etc.
The doctor was bemused  " I thought the patients said he had ample supply of blood pressure medication at home so I only write in for record purpose, not meant to be given, so that you guys can save time not to repack the medication ..."
This stunned the pharmacist.
When he told the patient that, the patient replied, " The blood pressure I mean is the one to be taken when necessary when swelling only, but I don't swell everyday nowadays, so I have plenty of them at home. That was what I told the Dr"

Ah, the patient meant he had frusemide at home..not atenolol...

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