Monday, 20 May 2013

Tips to save money when it comes to drugs

  1. If you see a skin doctor, ask for free sample for moisturisers.
  2. Check out comparable Standard List 1 drug list and Standard List 2 drug lists as the prices of these medicine are subsidised at restructured government hospitals
  3. Check with Dr whether there is any promotion of drugs are going on. For example, in Singapore, by 3 Symbicort turbuhaler, get 1 free. Same for Seretide and Spiriva etc. You won't know unless you ask.
  4. If see Dr for chronic conditions eg. Hypertension, Diabetes, Dementia etc, ask to use Medisave account at the clinic so both the consultation and medication fees can be deducted from the Medisave.
  5. If you have relatives who are healthcare professionals, you may ask them to help purchase medicines. There is usually at least 10% of every discount for most items. Certain hospitals offer up to 20% discount for their staff.
  6. Syrup forms tend to be more expensive than tablets form. If your child can swallow, why not change to tablet form?
  7. Keep your prescriptions carefully, as most items from the prescriptions can be purchased cheaper with prescription. For example, general sales tax may be waived.
  8. If you see Dr at a government hospital, try to fill the prescription at the internal pharmacy within the same institution. As some hospital pharmacies charged walk-in, external, prescription at private rate.
  9. Check if you are a subsidised or private patient.
  10. Keep record of the tablets left over a home and inform the pharmacy staff what you have at home. This prevents extra medicine being issued and charged.

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